General References

NETTO-SupermärkteNew development of various Netto Supermarkets

Up to now about 130 supermarkets have been equipped with advanced building control system of TREND in the North Eastern area of Germany. The remote maintenance and central control of all systems GLT via TCP / IP offers optimal conditions for the optimization of energy costs in the markets

FielmannFielmann Rathenow

Construction included the complete measurement and control technology of smoke removal, heating, air conditioning and ventilation system of the complex. The building services is centrally controlled and monitored by a control station.
The industrial complex consists of 12 ventilation systems with a flow rate of 118,600 m³ / h.

BombardierBombardier Henningsdorf

The paint finishing system in Hennigsdorf includes wagon painting, engine varnish and small parts varnishing . Central control by BMS and the acquisition of process data goes without saying.

Verwaltungsgebäude Frankfurt /MainOffice building Frankfurt/Main

In the office district Niederrad in Frankfurt am Main, the entire building was renewed. This included the areas of Measurement and Control, ventilation, electrical and fire fighting engineering.

Verkehrsministerium BerlinNew building Department for Transport in Berlin

The new building of the extension II in the Department of Transport is equipped with the latest building control of TREND and connected via OPC to the existing BMS technology.

Spreewaldklinik LübbenReconstruction of operating theatres at Spreewaldklinik Lübben

Spreewaldklinik Lübben
Modernization of the MSR technique of surgical building including 3 operating theatres and ITS with TREND. Central control and monitoring by a GLT is self-evident.

KesselanlagenModernization and reconstruction of various boiler plants for Fa. Urbana

Modernization of MSR technology of boilers, heating systems, district heating systems, domestic connection station with TREND to 6 MW.

This list of equipment is only a small excerpt from our reference list.